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We Help Businesses Avoid Painful & Costly Security Breaches.

Quasar Global is a women owned and led Business. Katherine Vigil our Founder and CEO, is a Cyber Security Specialist with over two decades of experience and author of the book ''Data Breach: Not If, But When!''. Quasar Global is a leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) serving business clients in the San Joaquin County and Stockton area. We are committed to making sure businesses receive the most reliable, secure and professional IT Security and Support service.

As an IT Support & CyberSecurity service provider to small and medium businesses, we are capable of providing SMB's with the same enterprise-level IT security services that large sophisticated Fortune 500 companies have, at a budget that a small and mid-market business can afford.

Add our IT Security specialists to your company's team when:
• You’ve embraced the fact that in order to grow, you need to focus on strategic-level tasks, outsourcing critical pieces of your business to experts.
• You know you don’t meet industry regulations, but you’re not sure how to fix that.
• You’re concerned about your burden rate and you need your staff’s computers working when they’re on the clock.
• You need business-focused results, not just the latest tech gadget.
• You can’t sleep at night because “you don’t know what you don’t know” when it comes to securing your network.
• You tried a cheap provider and learned that Grandma was right: you do get what you pay for.



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