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"From backyard grilling dreams to a symphony of 'California style' smoke, Don King's journey ignited the flame that became Fat City Brew & BBQ. We're not just a barbecue joint; we're the heartbeat of Stockton's meat scene. Our pit-smoked classics, tantalizing sauces, and savory sides make us the go-to destination for carnivores. But we're more than that—craft brews, local wines, and curated rubs and sauces elevate the experience. Take the feast home with our bottles, or dive into our variety of catering and delivery options. Fat City Brew & BBQ isn't just a place; it's a carnivore's sanctuary. Ready to savor the experience? Pull up a seat, and get ready to loosen that belt—you're in for a flavor-packed ride at Fat City!"


Thursday Rib Eye Sandwiches
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